Contributes to Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge

Miami, FL − Thursday, June 05, 2014. The nonprofit Renewable Cleaning group has made a cash donation to the Orlando FL-based Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge, with funds earmarked for the June 7th, 2014 Grand Opening of the new Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge location at Eagles Roost, part of a 20 acre conservation land parcel provided by Orange County to help Central Florida’s wildlife.


Back to Nature (BTN) − the largest non-profit 501(c) (3) public wildlife rehabilitation facility in the Central Florida Region − rescues, rehabilitates, and releases injured or orphaned native wildlife back into their natural environment.


“We are pleased to support the BTN Wildlife Refuge in their mission to save Florida wildlife,” said Ruben Rives, president of Renewable Cleaning. “Our passion to create a clean, less toxic environment for all living things parallels the mission of BTN, and we are very proud to assist these sustainability-related efforts.”


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About Renewable Cleaning


Renewable Cleaning is the process of cleaning that reduces the introduction of, and actively removes, inactivates and/or properly disposes of pollutants, including soil and other harmful chemical, biological, and particle substances in the air, on surfaces and in the environment. Renewable Cleaning connects with Renewable Energy, Wildlife Preservation, and the concept of Recycle, Reuse, and Renew because it minimizes resource waste and fosters a greener, more sustainable approach.


About Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge


Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge’s mission is to rescue, raise, rehabilitate, and release injured or orphaned Florida native species and to provide education about respecting and preserving the environment. BTN strives to help preserve native wildlife and educate like-minded persons. Visit RC End Mark

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